Friday, December 10, 2010

Moluccas Islands,Indonesia

Another place I visited in my travels is an island famous for the spices.In Indonesia this region is a province belonging to the Republic Indonesia.Maluku province is an area known by results of spice and results marine wealth.Maluku archipelago is an area which is divided into several small and big islands.Famous Moluccas already reached the European region since the 15th century when the Portuguese first entered this area.Many immigrants from Europe entered the Maluku islands because of the wealth owned spices.One of the famous spices of the Moluccas are Clove and Nutmeg.Bordered by Sulawesi, Maluku Islands to the west, south of the border with Timor Leste and Australia.Maluku has the beauty of such a beautiful panorama of the beach, among the most famous is the beautiful beach and marine park Banda.The capital City of Maluku Province is Ambon.Maluku people have cultures that originated from clumps Melanesia.The traditions and beliefs of all descendants of the Maluku comes from a large island in the Maluku island of Seram.
From the history of their ancestors originated from Maluku, which means the offspring ALIFURU.Alifuru Man is then lowered the people of Maluku.

The Map of Maluku Islands :

 The Picture of Banda Island in Maluku :

Some of the people of Maluku and some have already famous in the world, including the singer Daniel Sahuleka, Glenn Fredly, The famous football player from the Netherlands Giovanni van Bronckhorst, John Heitinga are  the origin of Maluku Many diagnostic son who was famous in the world.

Daniel Sahuleka,Famous Singer from Maluku 

 Giovanni Van Bronckhorst, The Soccer Player from Netherlands belongs to Maluku

The people of Maluku or Moluccas, known to have high talent, especially in the field of musik.There wereAlot of musician or a famous singer from the Moluccas in Indonesia and throughout the world.


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