Friday, December 10, 2010

Moluccas Islands,Indonesia

Another place I visited in my travels is an island famous for the spices.In Indonesia this region is a province belonging to the Republic Indonesia.Maluku province is an area known by results of spice and results marine wealth.Maluku archipelago is an area which is divided into several small and big islands.Famous Moluccas already reached the European region since the 15th century when the Portuguese first entered this area.Many immigrants from Europe entered the Maluku islands because of the wealth owned spices.One of the famous spices of the Moluccas are Clove and Nutmeg.Bordered by Sulawesi, Maluku Islands to the west, south of the border with Timor Leste and Australia.Maluku has the beauty of such a beautiful panorama of the beach, among the most famous is the beautiful beach and marine park Banda.The capital City of Maluku Province is Ambon.Maluku people have cultures that originated from clumps Melanesia.The traditions and beliefs of all descendants of the Maluku comes from a large island in the Maluku island of Seram.
From the history of their ancestors originated from Maluku, which means the offspring ALIFURU.Alifuru Man is then lowered the people of Maluku.

The Map of Maluku Islands :

 The Picture of Banda Island in Maluku :

Some of the people of Maluku and some have already famous in the world, including the singer Daniel Sahuleka, Glenn Fredly, The famous football player from the Netherlands Giovanni van Bronckhorst, John Heitinga are  the origin of Maluku Many diagnostic son who was famous in the world.

Daniel Sahuleka,Famous Singer from Maluku 

 Giovanni Van Bronckhorst, The Soccer Player from Netherlands belongs to Maluku

The people of Maluku or Moluccas, known to have high talent, especially in the field of musik.There wereAlot of musician or a famous singer from the Moluccas in Indonesia and throughout the world.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Discovering Borneo Island,Indonesia

Borneo is an island located on the northern island of Java, Indonesia and on the western island of Sulawesi.At the past when a large island named third in the world which means Island of Gods Warunadwipa Laut.Kalimantan Island also widely known by the name used at the time Borneo.The name Borneo taken from British and Dutch colonial rule in the archipelago or Indonesia. Name of Borneo is also used by people who occupied the archipelago in Portuguese during the 14th century, the name Borneo also became known in European countries.The island of Borneo in the middle of Southeast Asia because it is heavily influenced island and cultural influence in the surrounding area.When I visited the island of Kalimantan or Borneo I visited West Kalimantan, with its capital named Pontianak. In total in the history of indigenous people are the Dayak of Kalimantan Island, and then join the Malay and Chinese communities occupy this island.The Dayaks on Borneo island is mostly worked as a farmer and lived in the suburbs.
Picture of  The Old Dayak Lady 

 Pictures of The Dayak Village and their farmland

The photos above are located in the Dayak village in West Kalimantan.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Enjoyed Villa Bukit Mas,Singkawang City,West Borneo Indonesia

Some interesting stuff and I love when visiting Singkawang is cultural diversity, beautiful sights, the delicious cuisine from some of the original Entis this area are ethnic Chinese, Dayak and Melayu.Anda can enjoy delicious Chinese cuisine in the city of Singkawang.These are the photos of beautiful villa in downtown Singkawang.The Villa was named Villa Bukit Mas.In this villa you can enjoy a restaurant with views of the hill towards the City Singkawang.The villa also has a swimming pool, lodge with good facilities and mountain view.The advantage when you stay and enjoy the food restaurant in this villa is the distance from this villa to the center of town not far, just 1 km from the villa you've been able to get into downtown Singkawang.

To be able to enjoy the beautiful panorama in Vila Bukit Mas Singkawang you do not need to spend big. Price for menu specialties Singkawang only around 20,000 rupiahs, - only, for lodging with VIP facilities just for Rp.700.000, - and the standard class for 300.000 rupiahs.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Ceramic Craft From West Borneo

One of the things that caught my attention while visiting Singkawang City is a skill the local community especially the Chinese / Tionghoa to make Ceramic Craft.Ceramic own-pottery is made in a way that is still very traditional.Ceramic made of clay and placed in a round and with ceramics maker process expertise with his hands so that begins to form a body-ceramics.Ceramic can be made as jars, flower pots, crock.After body begins to form ceramic further inserted into the furnace to be burned for ceramic tiles and solid.After that hard, ceramic bodies can be decorated with colors and shapes in accordance with our wishes.

The pictures of young Chinese man built ceramics craft :

If you go to Singkawang City you can visit the art Singkawang making ceramics with various models according our wishes.The art of Singkawang Ceramic is already well known abroad, many buyers come from, Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong,Ttaiwan, Australia, to Europe.The price vary from tens of thousands to millions rupiah.The interesting of these ceramics are also making a unique and wonderful design.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Sinka Island Park Photos Gallery

Travelling to Sinka Island Park,West Borneo,Indonesia.The pictures of panorama in Sinka Island.The uniqueness of this recreational park is located on the beach and featuring rare animals locally and outside the region, it has also built brigdes to the small island Simping.You can find Sinka Island Park only 8 Km before entering Singkawang City.Some people live in the villages outside the park work as a fisherman.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Journey In Sinka Island Park,West Borneo,Indonesia

Borneo island is a part of Indonesia Province.I vistited Sinka Island Park in West Borneo.It located about 140 Km far from the capital City Pontianak.The indigneous people in Borneo called Dayak,many of them belong to Protestant and Chatolic and some animism.The Dayak  god is called Jubata.Dayak people has their own way to praise Jubata,they went to the mountain or beach and  take shouting for their god in community.

Take a look the pictures of Sinka Island West Borneo :