Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Ceramic Craft From West Borneo

One of the things that caught my attention while visiting Singkawang City is a skill the local community especially the Chinese / Tionghoa to make Ceramic Craft.Ceramic own-pottery is made in a way that is still very traditional.Ceramic made of clay and placed in a round and with ceramics maker process expertise with his hands so that begins to form a body-ceramics.Ceramic can be made as jars, flower pots, crock.After body begins to form ceramic further inserted into the furnace to be burned for ceramic tiles and solid.After that hard, ceramic bodies can be decorated with colors and shapes in accordance with our wishes.

The pictures of young Chinese man built ceramics craft :

If you go to Singkawang City you can visit the art Singkawang making ceramics with various models according our wishes.The art of Singkawang Ceramic is already well known abroad, many buyers come from, Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong,Ttaiwan, Australia, to Europe.The price vary from tens of thousands to millions rupiah.The interesting of these ceramics are also making a unique and wonderful design.

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