Saturday, November 27, 2010

Singkawang City Of Thousands Temples ( Part II )

Still in my journey at Singkawang City, went arround the temples.I found many old Chinese ceremonial worshiped to their goddest from hundreds years ago.The Chap Go Meh Festival is one of the most Chinese ceremony that visited by tourism arround the world esspesialy people from Hongkong,Taiwan, Australia and Europe.The Chap Go Meh Festival is celebrations of 14th days after Chinese New Year.

The pictures of young Chinese pin their mouth by sharp chain to celebrate Chap Go Meh Festival :

Beside it is well-known as the City of Thousands Temples, as there are many small and large temple from any corner of Singkawang region, Singkawang is also known as one of the Indonesian Chinatowns since the majority population is Chinese descendant, consisting of mostly Hakka, Hokkian, Khek,and Hainan and some other sub-ethnic of Chinese. They still practice their culture in any ceremony or official events, from weddings to funeral ceremonies. The culture was seen as the closest to the original tradition of Chinese people (mostly refers to Fujian, making Singkawang City known as the Indonesian Chinatown.

The Bible said that we have to worship God, Lord of The Lord and King of all Kings,not by hurting ourself for salvation.What the Glory of JESUS that redeemed us on His holy cross...!!
( John 3 : 16 )

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