Saturday, November 27, 2010

Singkawang, City of Thousand Temples

Long Journey I had in Singkawang City,WEST BORNEO ISLAND,INDONESIA
Singkawang is The City where I spent alot of the time to go around and try to explore it cultures, especially the old Chinese citizen trust.
 The citizen population is 198,907 residents, of which majority of resident are Chinese descent. The largest group of chinese descent is hakka people ( in locally called as Khek based on Hokkian dialect ) which is 62% of the population. The other major group of chinese descent is Chaozou which is better known as Teochew.They beleive in Konfuchuism. The other indigenous ethnic in Singkawang City is Dayak tribe.

The pictures of Chinese Man Sacrifice themself to their idol in Singkawang City as the annualy ceremony called CHAP GOH MEH ( the ritual of worship Chinese goddest by blooding their body to clean the land from destroyer spirit ).Instead in Christianity JESUS has cleaned our sin by His Holy Blood on the cross  : 

The Pictures of Chinese old temple in Singkawang City called TUAPEKONG : 

Singkawang is also well-known as the City of A Thousand Temples since there are so many temples can be found in the city and its surrounding. Nearly every god and goddess in Chinese Mytholgy are worshiped here. People also worship popular historical figures like General Kwan Im, Admiral Zheng He, or even Emperor Sung Tai-zu, which was found to be worshiped in the temple outside the north side of the city.
The other indigenous people in Singkawang is called Dayak.Many of  them live outside the city.

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